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We offer an extensive array of quality doors and windows for our South Florida customers.  Protective Shutters and Windows, Inc. strives to combine product selection, design expertise and customer service into everything we do.  When you call us for your home or businesses’ windows and doors, you will develop a relationship with us and we will get to know your wants, needs, and design tastes to guide you to selecting the best product for your project.

On modern houses our product serves on existing windows in order to improve their thermal insulation and sound proofing. Aside from insulation, storm windows provide an additional measure of protection for homes against damages to costly glass panes during inclement weather such as hail.

We understand that protecting homes from damaging tropical storms and hurricanes are of the utmost importance to our clients. We pride ourselves on offering the finest quality of Hurricane Impact Windows South Florida and door at the best price with unparalleled customer service!

PGT® is the authority on impact-resistant windows and doors. Our expertise is founded from our collaboration with Miami-Dade County to establish testing protocols for impact-resistant products. As a result of this partnership, in 1996 PGT became the first manufacturer to offer a full-suite of impact-resistant windows and doors that are – to this day – among the strongest, safest, and most reliable products in the industry. ‘Engineered to perform’ is a phrase we use a lot when we talk about our WinGuard® impact-resistant windows and doors. It’s also a phrase we say with confidence because these products are engineered to meet the toughest hurricane codes in the nation. And because we’ve seen them perform, both in our test lab and in the “real world”, where more than three million units have been installed and zero impact failures have been reported.

In the early 1990s, Sunshine Windows focused its operations on aluminum windows & doors, manufacturing for new construction and renovations throughout South Florida. Sunshine Windows has achieved tremendous growth between the 80’s, 90’s and today.

After the Hurricane Andrew disaster in 1992, the company began research and development for a window and door product line that would meet Miami-Dade County code requirements, one of the most strict building codes in the State.

Eco Window Systems is an Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Manufacturer located in Miami Florida dedicated to delivering superior customer satisfaction from our warehouse to your home. Even more, to make dreams come true we build Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors engineered following the toughest standards in the industry at the best prices becoming financially affordable. With many different windows and doors models to choose from, in Eco Window Systems we offer you economy, efficiency, dedication, professionalism, and reliability. As one of the leading hurricane windows manufacturers in South Florida, we encourage you to browse our product selection confident that all our products have passed Florida’s rigorous building codes to ensure their durability, elegance, and safety.

Our strength lies in our employees and their commitment to our company. The installers insight will make it practical and the customers experience will make it useful, this is Eco Window Systems philosophy.

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